About Us

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, so they say and so we believe. Antheia Essentials is all about protecting and enhancing your radiant glamour through nature packed, skin and hair care products that nourish and rejuvenates what is naturally bestowed to you. We believe in perfection and thrive on performance. With this being our foundation, we manufacture a complete range of skin and hair care products that are based on rich and natural ingredients that are Paraben free.

A venture by Easy Feel Products, a highly reputed and trusted range of Baby care products that has made its niche at the global market, Antheia Essentials is a passionate rendering of superior quality personal care products that are crafted keeping YOU in mind!

  • 100% soap-free
  • 100% sulphate-free
  • 100% Paraben-free
  • All natural emulsifiers
  • 100% mineral oil-free
  • No phosphates

Trusted Ingredients

Our products are boast of natural and trusted ingredients that are USDA and ECOCERT certified, that you could rely upon. Our products are PETA approved and cruelty free. We believe that nature is the best cure for all kinds of skin or hair related needs and thus, we invest in years of experience and manufacture products that are made using proven natural ingredients that add a new lease of life to your natural beauty.

Environmental Dedication

We believe that if we care for the planet, it will care for us! It is as simple as that and thus our manufacturing, packaging and post-production processes involve no form of non-environmental friendly methods, no animal testing, low carbon footprints. Our packaging uses recyclable materials that ensure that we protect the planet we live in, while we in turn, protect ourselves.

Made in India

Antheia Essentials takes pride in the rich cultural heritage of our country and the ancient regimes and methods of nature backed skin and hair care. Our products are rooted within our history and produced using methods that have proven to enhance the natural longevity of our skin and hair, prompting a glow that enhances inward beauty!

Transparent Like None Other

We have nothing to hide. Be it our ingredients or the manufacturing process, we take pride in letting you know of what we offer! Every product has a comprehensive list of the ingredients it has been manifested with and that only adds to its glory!

The Founder

Meet Shikha Garg, a passionate mompreneur hailing from Gurgaon who believes that the latest trend of relying upon chemicals to give a new lease of life to our body is a fad that must be eradicated ASAP! Before venturing into natural beauty products, Shikha has established herself in the field of baby products. Her brand Easy Feel has been serving international markets from four years and is now a popular go-to solution for mothers across the globe. It is a line of soft structured carriers that is certified on international standards, handmade and affordable to all. Offering environment friendly, cost-effective, ergonomic and comfortable solutions to day to day babywearing needs, Easy Feel has been redefining child-care for over five years. Exploring the realm of the rich heritage of Indian history that gives the ideal solution for perfect skin and hair care, Shikha has now ventured into delivering, natural and proven ingredients backed products that are sure to win hearts and faith!

Explore the vast range of Antheia Essentials products for yourself today! We are sure you will not be disappointed!


Shikha, the founder of Antheia Essentials, has left a little note for the readers.

Dear, you,

Our products won't make you attractive or fair. They will only help you see your beauty! Every human is lovely, with some pampering and care, you can see your most authentic self with its eternal serenity.

I wanted everybody to understand the pure pleasure of applying their favorite product, getting their spirits raised by the aroma and walking out of the door with boosted confidence! So, these products are for everyone who is into self-love, self-care and most importantly, self-worth.

This journey has just begun. We are focusing on creating versatile products, which serve your unique skin and hair related needs. All our products are our best work. Of course, there is always scope for advancement. With your advice and feedback, we strive to achieve perfection!

We'll keep working on eco-friendly and pocket-friendly products to make a difference - one day at a time, folks!

Yours lovingly,