Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets Antheia Essentials apart from others?

We use only the most effective natural ingredients in all our products plus have zero tolerance towards harmful chemicals. All our products are manufactured in a way that they meet the highest global standards for safety.

2. Are your products sulphate and parabens free?

Yes, all our products are sulphate and parabens free and meet the highest global safety standards. We test each and every ingredient against leading toxic free databases to make sure all our products are free of potentially harmful chemicals. You can be sure that only pure and natural ingredients are going on your skin and hair.

3. Is your brand Antheia Essentials PETA Approved?

Yes, we believe in manufacturing cruelty free products and this is why all our products are PETA approved, which means no harm to animals has been caused while manufacturing our skin and hair care products. Our products have been tested at top research labs to ensure optimal safety.

4. What is the shell life of your products?

Each and every product offered by our company goes through vigorous testing. This means you can use our products without any issue for a period of 2 years. We suggest you to consume the all the products within six months of opening. 

5. Can your products cause allergy?

All our products are dermatologically tested and are completely safe to use on your skin and hair. However, since everyone has a different skin and hair type, we suggest you to do a patch test before using the product. 

6. What is pH and how do they affect your products? 

Skin pH is your skin's natural level of alkalinity or acidity. All are products are pH balanced plus created to make your skin soft and supple. No wonder we are regarded as skin care experts. 

7. Do you use any synthetic fragrances in your skin and hair care products?

We believe in only natural beauty solutions and this is why none of our products has any synthetic fragrance. We use essential oils to add fragrance to our products.

8. How is your manufacturing process different than other brands?

All our products are manufactured in GMP and ISO 14001 certified facility. This means you can be assured that you are getting premium quality skin and hair care products which are manufactured under stringent safety standards.